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Doya Natsu Healing Center (formerly ESR) Annual Report Summary 2023

Looking back and looking ahead. This is the process of developing Doya Natsu Healing Center’s strategic plan and annual report. We started working with Doya Natsu Healing Center in 2014. We have watched them grow in culture, community, and connection to recovery and healing. Writing this annual report is not like any other process. It starts in Fall season each year when we gather with their healing staff to plan, reflect, and celebrate the previous year’s accomplishments.

We celebrate the Mountain of Accomplishments from Doya Natsu Healing Center’s with more than $5million in funding, 7,000+ clinical service hours, and 263 evidence-based activities for community members, the team and their many partners are committed to healing. What makes this report stand out is the youth artist, Jordan Armajo, who painted four women powwow dancers at the base of the Medicine Mountains on the cover page. The timeline, created by Sadie Posey, AKA Intern, summarizes highpoints from each month. Photos of healers at Doya Natsu Healing Center show us that people are the center of all wellness and culture in the community. This annual report and the mountain of accomplishments is reassurance for the future, that every journey begins with just one step…Doya Natsu Healing Center is a welcoming and supportive place for individuals and families in recovery.

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