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Eastern Shoshone Recovery: Emergency Mental Health Bi-Annual Report

We support Eastern Shoshone Recovery's effort to implement mental health and substance use treatment and services for individuals impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this report, we explored evidence-based services for individuals with severe mental illness and co-occurring disorders. Outcomes from this evaluation demonstrate the dedication of ESR to recovery and continuing to provide services that advocate, connect, and inform the concept of many paths to recovery. Our evaluation documented the reach and impact of various recovery support services grounded in culture. ESR's weekly sweat lodge reaches youth, families, and individuals in recovery. We attended learning sessions and documented perspectives and information shared on topics like opioid and stimulant use, workplace and employee engagement, positive psychology, positive family support, parenting in recovery, and celebrating recovery. We found inspiration in seeing the results from all of the work happening at ESR. Connections to the schools. Supporting teachers and families. Upholding resilience. Communicating messages of healing and hope. Practicing ceremony and self-regulation. Expanding and hiring new staff and teams. This is what we know. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact individuals, families, and communities- but the work at ESR demonstrates that these impacts are lessened by the collective work of many to support evidence-based and culturally informed services.


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