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Eastern Shoshone Recovery Community Wellness Survey Results Report 2022

Community-based surveys are one of the many projects we like to work on. Each year we support Eastern Shoshone Recovery in developing a community-based survey that documents wellness needs and strengths. Building on questions and methods from previous years, survey results highlight community participation in therapeutic, cultural, physical, and alternative pain management activities. This survey also documented telehealth barriers like lack of technology and internet and lack of awareness of telehealth services. Most importantly, survey results tell us how people access wellness information in the community, the majority use Facebook but posters and word of mouth are used frequently as well. Pressing health concerns changed from previous surveys, and this was important to document for the development of programs and policies at the local level. Survey results tell us how people live a healthy life- Spiritual activities, cultural activities, and ceremonies ranked #1. We also documented the most dangerous substances on the reservation and collected information about the kinds of youth-focused programs that are needed on the reservation. We know that wellness is a journey. The community wellness needs and perspectives change over time. Conducting surveys annually with the community informs the work that we do as evaluators and technical assistance providers. Wellness is a journey, and every journey begins with just one step.

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