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Eastern Shoshone Recovery Methamphetamine Initiative Bureau of Indian Affairs Annual Report 2021-2022

Families and communities are deeply affected by drugs and alcohol. Dorcus Big Hair leads an effort on the Wind River Reservation at Eastern Shoshone Recovery to increase awareness, provide prevention, and education to families affected by drugs and alcohol. Through innovative partnerships with community-based providers, schools, elders, and cultural leaders--the Methamphetamine Initiative has a significant positive impact on wellness and supports family reunification and safety. Our evaluation of the Meth Initiative highlights outcomes associated with program activities. With more than 1,162 individuals reached through various activities, the Initiative supports horse culture, community gatherings, youth and family sweats, and various cultural activities. One of the most significant findings from the evaluation is that more than half of the individuals who received support from the Meth Initiative completed residential treatment and were reunited with their families. This evaluation underscores the power of community, the potential that comes when people are supported, and the possibilities that come from community-based recovery centers like ESR.

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