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Eastern Shoshone Recovery Therapeutic Ongoing Recovery (TOR) 1 Report 2018-2021

Eastern Shoshone Recovery Center’s TOR program spanned three years with two goals, 1) develop a strategic plan to prevent and treat opioid use disorder, and 2) increase access to OUD prevention, treatment, and recovery support services for 20 tribal members. We captured ESR’s innovative prevention approach in this evaluation, and we are continually impressed with what is happening in communities to support recovery. From weekly outreach at local parks serving meals to people in need, to groups, GONAs, talking circles, employment support, social media outreach, the Path to Wellness App with University of Wisconsin Madison, and outreach on the proper disposal of pills in drop-off boxes- ESR did it all and their overall report provides the evidence. Doing this evaluation reinforced what we already know, there are many ways to measure success, and just because client targets are not met, a program can still be considered a success.

#recovery #prevention

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