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Indian Health Service Annual Report Eastern Shoshone Recovery 2021-2022

We loved working with Eastern Shoshone Recovery to develop their annual report for the Indian Health Service. Grounded in ESR's mission, vision, and guiding principles, this report highlights annual organizational accomplishments, major trends impacting the organization, and future goals and objectives.

We also considered the 1863 Treaty of Fort Bridger that guarantees competent health care for American Indian people. A key finding in this report is that the existing funding from the Indian Health Service does not adequately support the community health care needs. ESR continues to write grants and seek funding for necessary services not funded with current Indian Health Service dollars. Our team worked closely with ESR's director, Kellie Webb, to collect data and summarize accomplishments. Over the course of a year, the AKA team wrote reports, attended strategic planning sessions, met weekly with the ESR team, and supported the overall work and vision of ESR. Time allowed us to get to know what was really significant, and what we should include in the report. Our review of electronic health record data helped us identify trends in data, changes, and emerging needs. What we love most about this report is the unique style guide and message that it sends- illustrations of families gathering together to a drum group created by Jeanne Bowman  send a message of hope and community. Linda Donahue utilized the existing ESR design framework to create a color-specific design for the Indian Health Service report. The culmination of these efforts was one of the most comprehensive reports ever completed. We celebrate ESR's accomplishments and look forward to another year of work to heal, connect, and support individuals and families on their wellness journey. ESR reminds us that every journey begins with just one step.

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