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Spotted Bull Recovery Resource Center Annual Meth Symposium Summary Report 2022

This is the 7th year we have helped evaluate Spotted Bull Resource Recovery Center’s Annual Meth Symposium, Honoring the Buffalo Nation 2022. Using a community-based Indigenous-focused approach, we designed an evaluation that documented attendee reaction, knowledge, and behavior change. Participants rated the importance of the topics presented and the likelihood that they will use the information they gained in the future. The most important and useful topic was the recovery panel, comprised of healers, community experts, and individuals with lived experience of recovery. We documented participant impacts too, 60% will share what they learned with others. Qualitative data collected during the event tell us that most people learned how to heal, and the kinds of support available in the community. The recommendations outlined in the report will be used in the future, for the 8th annual symposium.


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