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Spotted Bull Recovery Resource Center Tribal Opioid Response Bi-Annual Report 2022

This bi-annual report celebrates the amazing work happening at Spotted Bull Recovery Resource Center. Utilizing an Indigenous-focused approach, we collected information with the community and staff about progress toward program goals and objectives. This report highlights the status of strategic planning activities, workforce development efforts, prevention activities and outcomes, and the kinds of recovery support services offered in the community because of the Tribal Opioid Response funding. It stresses the importance of culturally appropriate and traditional practices and how these were implemented over a 6-month period, with events like a buffalo harvest and teaching, Medicine Wheel meetings, fishing and hunting, and a Kahomani event. Success stories provided by the staff tell a story of resilience, wellness, and connection. Spotted Bull Recovery Resource Center and this program create a support system where clients can be successful in their wellness and recovery.

#recovery #evaluation

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