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AKA Internships 2021

Every year we hire college and community interns to support our work and build local capacity for research and evaluation. Interns are major contributors to our team and probably the best part of what we do. This week we interviewed interns at Fort Belknap for the Fort Belknap Indian Community Tribal Opioid Response evaluation. We were blown away by their enthusiasm, their passion for improving the community, and their connection to culture. What we know for sure is that when we invest in people, the investment is worth it. We see this happening in every community that we have worked with over the years. Interns and community members keep us committed to the mission of building community capacity for transformation and healing. What else is there?

Some of our 2021 Interns, listed from left to right: Ashley Weigum, Brighten Crawford and Sadie Posey.



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