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What Will You Be in 2023?

Every year we take time to reflect on our place in the world of research, evaluation, and community. We consider what to carry forward and what to leave behind. At AKA we will carry forward meaningful partnerships with clients and communities. We want our core values of empowerment, spirituality, generosity, equity, and advocacy to show up in everything that we do. We will leave regret, fear of failure, and not being or doing enough behind.

Our work will continue in 2023 based on our vision...

Many people and organizations set goals or targets as a new year begins. These are everything from increasing client interactions and contracts, or on a personal level, walking in wellness daily, or living a sober life. All are worthy, but they can take us away from the presence, of just being present in 2023. At AKA we do not have goals or targets, but we do have ideas about being…


Four Ways of Being. Balance. Wisdom. Compassion. Forgiveness.

#1 Balance. Balance looks like saying no to things that take us away from our purpose and mission, or the essence of who we are and how we wish to live. It comes from setting healthy boundaries for work, email, travel, contracts, and communications, and taking care of our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Balance keeps us walking on a healing path.

#2 Wisdom. Presence and lived experiences give us wisdom. A tribal elder once told me that not everyone deserves to know the same things and that some teachings come when we are ready, with age, and awareness.

#3 Compassion. When we are present, we can more easily see the hearts and minds of people, we can easily show them kindness and acceptance. My prayer is that everyone will feel this kindness when they work with our team.

#4 Forgiveness. Radical forgiveness is needed to live and be in the present. It shows up everywhere, not just in our personal lives and relationships, but in our work. Forgiveness is about moving forward and not remembering, ruminating, or holding people in negative spaces because of their previous actions or failures. The Big Book of AA reminds us that forgiveness or letting go of necessary resentments is necessary for sobriety and recovery or reclaiming what has been lost.


As we welcome 2023 at AKA my prayers are that we will…

  • Work from the heart

  • Lead with humility

  • Come from a place of happiness

  • Embrace hope

  • Grow individuals and communities in their wellness and health

There is much to be grateful for as we leave 2022 behind and set our intentions for 2023.





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