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Defining Cultural Resilience to Strengthen Native Youth

Native American youth are placed at greater risk for suicide than any other age or ethnic population in the United States. Resilience has helped Native Americans overcome adversity. In this paper, the authors provide an example of how intergenerational mentoring can moderate or reduce these risk factors. The Intergenerational Connection Project at Native PRIDE (ICP) works with advisory councils in four Native communities in Montana and South Dakota.


Practicing Anthropology


Mentoring Programs, Cultural Resilience, American Indian Youth, Strength-based, Suicide


Kelley, A., Small, C., Charani-Small, M, Montileaux, H., & White, S. (2018). Defining Cultural Resilience to Strengthen Native Youth: A brief report from the Intergenerational Connections Project. Practicing Anthropology, 40, (4).

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