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Indigenous Data Expert

Dyani Bingham (Assiniboine/Blackfeet/Metis) is a recent graduate of North Dakota State University, earning an MPH with a focus on American Indian health. She has a background in public health, tourism, tribal health policy, peer to peer recovery support, obesity prevention, physical activity promotion, breast and cervical health, commercial tobacco use prevention, native art marketing and development, media relations, and historic preservation. She also works in project management at the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council Epidemiology Center, which serves the Tribes in MT and WY and is in Billings, MT. Dyani completed her MPH practicum with AKA during the summer of 2020, and worked on Indigenous-focused evaluation, evaluation for the arts, and recovery related initiatives. Ms. Bingham is a proud mother, grandma, auntie, and daughter who enjoys spending time with family and friends, baking, gardening, listening to music and visiting hot springs. She is extremely interested in research and policy reforms that are rooted in healing to advance wellness for Native people and communities.

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