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Our evaluation services focus primarily on the needs of underserved communities,  tribal leaders, tribal health departments, tribal recovery programs, universities, and non-profit organizations in the US. Our senior associates have worked on a variety of tribal, local, state, regional, and national projects employing rigorous community-driven evaluation methods.


Our work upholds the unique values and protocols of the communities and tribes we work with. We strive to work closely with communities to develop the most appropriate and meaningful evaluation approach.

Evaluation Design

Evaluation design can depend on the evaluation questions, standards of effectiveness, and available resources and time.  The AKA team can help design your evaluations through methods that best meet the needs of the communities. 

Needs assessment

Needs assessments are essential to program planning, development, and evaluation.  The AKA team can help develop, collect, analyze, and report the findings of your needs assessments to inform community need, data to action planning, and program development.  

Report writing

The AKA team has extensive experience writing epidemiological reports, evaluation write-ups, and designing community reports.  We believe in representing and empowering communities through the resources and reports we develop.  

Data collection

The AKA team can identify data collection methods, types, tools, and techniques that best capture evaluation or research questions.  Our team is strongly guided by a data to action approach and maintains high standards of data collection and use.  The team can assist with data collection methods, tool development, and data analysis.  

Interpretation of research results

The interpretation of data is important to assigning meaning to analyzed information and determines significance and implications.  Our team believes in the power of data and can support the interpretation, or inferences, of quantitative or qualitative data collected.  

Publication and dissemination of results

Publication and dissemination of results can empower communities, improve capacity to build on previous results, increase innovation, encourage collaboration, and ensure that the benefits of both research and evaluation are realized.  The AKA team can support the publication and dissemination of results through traditional and non-traditional outputs including peer-reviewed publications, community reports, infographics, blogs, and social media posts.


Evaluatin Portfolio
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