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  • Do you need to know more about a particular concept or phenomena related to community health?

  • Do you need to collect information before you decide what to do next?

  • Do you know how to design and validate data collection instruments?

Qualitative and Quantitative 


Quantitative research is used to test or confirm theories and hypothesis and is expressed in numbers or graphs.  Qualitative research is expressed in words, it is the thoughts, feelings, concepts, and experiences of individuals and communities.  The AKA team can help develop your research question, methods, data collection, and analysis using these two methods of research. 

Mixed Methods Research

​Mixed methods research combines elements of quantitative and qualitative approaches within the same study to gain insight and understanding to the research questions. The multi-disciplinary team of statisticians and qualitative researchers at AKA have years of experience implementing mixed methods research to answer public health questions.

Capacity Building Evaluation

Evaluation is an important tool used to assess goals, share strengths, identify needs, and empower communities.  The AKA team works to develop capacity in individuals and organizations to engage in and sustain evaluation practices. 

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a research technique that brings people together to provide insights into a research question or topic.  The AKA team can help with every stage of the focus group process including protocol and question development, data collection, analysis, and reporting of findings. 

Surveys and Questionaires

The AKA team can help develop surveys and questionnaires as part of a research study, evaluation, or population-based data collection.  Our team works to identify the current tools in the research, validates existing tools, and can create new instruments that best meet your project’s needs.

Literature Reviews

Literature reviews are a core component of the work at AKA.  They serve as an overview of previously published works on a specific topic and are important in research, evaluation, and program development.  

Peer Reviewed Publicatin



Part of our work is translating practice into research and research into practice. One of the ways that we do this is through publications in peer reviewed journal articles. Dissemination of evaluation and research efforts occurs through presentations, write-ups, infographics, trainings, and publications. Publications highlight what we have learned from research and evaluation initiatives.  

For more publications and research resources visit ResearchGate.

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