Winding Road


We developed these resources as legacies from our work. AKA PLLC contributed time, staffing, and funds to create these resources for the world to read and use.  

AKA Writing and Design Guidelines

Somatic Experiencing International Community-Centered Crisis Stabilization and Safety Program

Key Informant Interview Techniques and Storytelling: A guide to collecting qualitative data and stories in Indigenous and community settings

Uncovering the Roots: Substance abuse prevention in American Indian populations

Evaluation Tips in Times of COVID-19

Our Children Are Sacred Toolkit 2021

Incorporating Indigenous Perspectives: Trauma and Resilience in Native Communities

Storytelling and Indigenous Evaluation Methods

Youth Evaluation Toolkit: A Resource for Youth Engaged Evaluation

The Story of the Sun and the Moon

Tips for Culture-Based Programs that Build Resiliency 2020

Student Selected Videos on Public Health and Social Justice

I Grew Up in a Cult it was Heaven and it was Hell
Lil Baby
The Rise in American’s Food Insecurity
In The Opioid Crisis, Here is What it Takes to Save a Life, Jan Rader Ted Talk
How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime
CRIP Camp: A Disability Revolution
Crack: Cocaine, Corruption, and Conspiracy
How Can We Win - Kimberly Jones Video
Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
Director Lee Daniels: Why the US Government Wanted to Silence Billie Holiday
Sexuality: Pleasure, Privilege and the Power of Reproductive Justice
Why the Inequality Gap is Growing Between Rich and Poor
An Emptiness in My Heart: Coping with Mental Illness in a Foreign Land
Epidemics and Cherokee Resiliency by Osiyo TV
Power: A Health and Social Justice Issue
Why Feminism Fails to Serve Those it Claims to Represent
Health in the LGBTQ Community: Improving Care and Confronting Discrimination