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2019: A New Year for Evaluation

It is 2019 and a new year for evaluation at AKA PLLC. We celebrated the end of 2018 and welcomed 2019 with anticipation for a year filled with learning, sharing, and getting better at what we do.

Many people see the new year as a fresh start for their lives and careers. Whether you are setting health and wellness goals or professional goals for your career or company, basic evaluation principles can help determine if these goals have been achieved, and what led to success (or failure).

While I am not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions- I am an advocate for evaluation. Every day I see evaluation being used by individuals, families, communities, and organizations. If you are reading this as one of the many Americans who has set new goals for 2019, I encourage you to use these evaluation practices to monitor your progress and see what led to your results.

  • Define your goals, both short and long-term. These often relate to a problem, challenge, or something that you want to change or achieve.

  • Conceptualize actions that you will take to achieve these goals.

  • Identify alternative actions that could help you reach your goals.

  • Implement the actions- live these, do these, be these.

  • Document actions. What did you do? How was it done? Why was this important? How did you feel?

  • Revise your actions and strategy if you are not getting the results you want.

  • Observe results. Link results to actions. What happened as a result of your actions?

And, do not forget to celebrate your successes! This is an important step in sustaining your efforts and creating inspiration for the future.

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