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Action. Science. Health.

This past week I attended the American Public Health Association annual meeting. This event brings public health professionals, universities, companies, leaders, and students together from all parts of our world. This year I was part of a team that presented results of the Rocky Mountain Tribal Epidemiology Center Tribal Public Health Workforce Needs Assessment. During our presentation we heard from Native students, professors, nurses, midwives, policy leaders, and community members–they gave us ideas for the next steps that we had not considered.

There is such power in sharing. There is also power in being open to the experiences and stories of others to create new knowledge about how to improve the science, increase the knowledge, and support action for positive change.

I know this much is true. I am so proud to be a part of Public Health and the American Public Health Association and look forward to seeing everyone next year at APHA 2018. AK



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