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Finishing Strong in 2016

The Transitional Recovery and Culture Project started three years ago this month. Awarded to the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council, TRAC was the first pilot project in the region to explore the impact of peer recovery support on sobriety. As the lead evaluator of TRAC, I had the opportunity to hear firsthand the powerful stories of recovery and healing. Our team of peer mentors, peers, trainers, and partners was among the finest I’ve worked with. As we end this 3-year project we are finishing strong. Evaluation results show that peer recovery support works, it impacts every aspect of life. TRAC peers increased their education, found permanent housing, strengthened relationships with others, and improved their overall health. Peers also maintained their recovery in the program. TRAC showed us that there are many roads to recovery and that healing is possible. This month TRAC II will begin, peers, will receive support services to help them in their healing journey. Organizations, states, tribes, and clinicians will have access to peer-led training opportunities that support recovery and culturally responsive service delivery. Policy changes, resolutions, and support for 3rd party billing of peer-to-peer services will finally happen in the State of Montana. Join us as we begin the next part of the healing journey through TRAC II. Through the TRAC II evaluation, we plan to share powerful stories of healing and community transformation. Join us as a supporter, recovery ally, or friend. Evaluation helps tell the story of recovery and healing.

~ Allyson



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