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ESR Emergency Mental Health (Visual Logic Model and Workplace Wellness 2021)

Logic models are about theories of change, right? But how many logic models have you looked at and walked away thinking, no way. I am not even going to read that. Well, we have felt that way, so we changed the model. The Eastern Shoshone Recovery Model is a visualization of what will change as a result of program efforts. The best party of this model is that we worked with an artist in recovery to create many of the images that are seen here. We also followed the teachings of the Sacred Tree to ground and guide our work. If you want to know why there are mice on the model, you must read the Sacred Tree. Our lives and our work are about helping one another, working diligently, and being focused on what we are called to do. Our work is also based on the idea that the eagle or creator is watching over us, so that we can focus on the task at hand.

Eastern Shoshone Recovery Strategic Plan 2021-2022

Every year ESR hosts a retreat for staff and invites the AKA team to join in a 2-3day planning session that captures accomplishments and plans for the upcoming year. These retreats are not what you would expect. This year we met at a remote cabin in Wyoming and enjoyed lots of laughs, excellent food, walks in nature, and we even watched Reservation Dogs. Over three days’ conversations shifted from our favorite movies and concerts to more serious topics like unresolved trauma, grief, loss, abstinence, and even paradigmatic differences in how people heal and recover. Our role is to advocates and support ESR’s overall strategic plan. We capture what is being said, identify strengths and weaknesses for each of the Medicine Wheel domains, and create recommendations and strategies that link the various ESR programs and funding with what staff need to be successful in the upcoming year. This report does not do the strategic planning retreat justice (you had to be there) but it does help ESR and our team be intentional in the work that we do and how we do it. #recovery #prevention

ESR Native Connections Year 1 Report
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