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A Review of Tribal Best Practices in Substance Abuse Prevention

American Indian youth experience higher rates of substance use than non-American Indian youth. Researchers, clinicians, and treatment programs embrace evidence-based practices (EBPs) and practice-based evidence (PBE) as primary methods for addressing substance abuse and advancing behavioral health. However, less is known about the use of tribal best practices (TBPs) and how they are implemented in American Indian substance use prevention contexts. Objective: The main objective of this systematic review was to determine how TBPs are implemented and shared in the context of tribal substance use prevention. The second objective was to document TBP examples from three tribal communities involved in a 5-year substance use prevention initiative.


Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse


American Indian Youth, Evidence-based Interventions and Practices, Substance Use, Tribal Best Practices


Kelley, A., Witzel, M., & Fatupaito, B. (2017). A review of tribal best practices in substance
abuse prevention. Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse, 1-14. doi:10.1080/15332640.2017.1378952

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