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Exploring Recovery: Findings From a Six-year Evaluation of an American Indian Peer Recovery Support Program

We aimed to identify correlates of short-term recovery among American Indians who participated in the Transitional Recovery and Culture (TRAC) Program, a Peer Recovery Support (PRS) program. Research aims (As) were A1. How do recovery capital resources and indicators of recovery differ between TRAC participants who completed a six-month follow-up and those who did not? A2. How much did recovery capital resource measures change between intake and six-month follow-up? A3. Which recovery capital resources are associated with balanced recovery?


Science Direct


Peer Recovery, American Indian, Short-term Recovery Capital


Mayra Perez, Venice Ceballos, Nathaniel Rubio, Jennifer Garcia, Delfino Rubi, Alejandra Cabrera, Kelley Milligan & Allyson Kelley (2024) Defining case management and outreach: perspectives from community health workers in New Mexico, Cogent Social Sciences, 10:1, 2306921, DOI: 10.1080/23311886.2024.2306921

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