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Key Informant Interview Techniques and Storytelling

A guide to collecting qualitative data and stories in Indigenous and community settings

Key informant interviews are qualitative, in-depth interviews of individuals selected for their first-hand knowledge about a topic of interest. Interviewers generally have an interview guide, with structured questions, to ask the informant. Typically, interviews are semi-structured conversations that allow for the free flow of ideas and information. Interviews are usually recorded, with the interviewee’s permission. Once recorded, interviews are transcribed (typed out) and analyzed using qualitative analysis methods. Results are then shared with the informants and intended audience!

When to use this resource?

  • When conducting key informant interviews for qualitative data collection

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Milligan, K., & Kelley, A. (2022) Key Informant Interview Techniques and Storytelling Methods. Allyson Kelley & Associates PLLC.

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