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Restoring the Sacred Circle

Additional resources include  protocols, worksheets, activities, guides and social media tools for professionals and families to prevent PSB, address adversity and share about practicing the Sacred Circle.

Sacred Circle.png
Sacred Circle.png


Mental Health Providers Additional Guidelines

Additional guidelines for mental health providers to assess and respond to children with PSB.

Psychological Evaluation/Mental Status

Example of a psychological evaluation and mental status evaluation that can be used for intake of a child with PSB.

Decision Tree Examples

Three tool examples to help with prompt responses to situations involving PSB.

Risk and Vulnerability Matrix

An assessment to document factors that create resilience or undermine resilience for children.

Response Protocol for PSB

Protocol to be completed upon intake for a child who is suspected to have PSB.

Guidelines for Parents and Careigvers

Additional guidelines for parents and caregivers to manage children with PSB.

Safety Plan

Example for a general safety plan.

The Story of the Moon and the Sun

Based on a story heard from elders as retold by Dolores Subia BigFoot, 2021

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Sharing the Sacred Circle

These social media assets are designed to share more about restoring and practicing the Sacred Circle.

Click the links below to download and share!

Dewey Ertz

Dewey Ertz is an enrolled member of of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in north central South Dakota. Dr. Ertz began providing mental-health services in 1974 as a licensed clinical psychologist.  This podcast includes six chapters with several topics about treating youth and families with PSB in Indian country. Dewey ends with his advice for professionals working in the field to restore the sacred circle. 

Dewey Photo 2.jpg

Phil Stevens

Healer Phil Stevens (Dine’) works with youth and families on the Wind River Reservation and Doya Natsu Healing Center. In this podcast Phil talks about his life growing up on the Navajo Nation and the powerful influence of his grandmother who was born in the 1800s.  Phil’s stories about grief, loss, spirituality, and prayer are part of the sacred circle each of us keep. Phil’s message to everyone is… to always walk in beauty. 

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Sacred Circle of Wisdom

Aunties and grandmothers have wisdom about the sacred circle not found in this toolkit resource or mainstream publications. We met with four Native women to learn more about how they keep their circles scared and prevent problematic sexual abuse. These women have respected positions in their tribes and families. In this podcast, these women share stories about their lives and families. They answer frequently asked questions based on their own experiences in tribal communities. 

Aunties and Grandmothers.png

Tristin Wolfname (Chosen One)

Tristin Wolfname (Chosen One) is an enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe and a transgender woman. In this podcast she describes her experience living as a trans woman in a discriminating world. She reflects on what it was like growing up on the Northern Cheyenne reservation, the daughter of a Northern Cheyenne Chief. 

Tristin WolfName Photo.jpeg

Kaycee Martinez

Kaycee Martinez is an enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe and a mom of four children.  She is the Family Spirit Program Director at the Boys and Girls Club of the Northern Cheyenne. In this podcast Kaycee reflects on her work at the Club and how PSB impacts children and youth in the community. Utilizing childcare providers is common on the reservation. 


The information contained in this toolkit and multimedia content represents the views and opinions of the creators and not the views of OUHSC or states, tribes, and agencies. Mandatory reporting requirements and response to PSB varies between jurisdictions. For more information about mandatory reportings of child abuse and neglect, visit:

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