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President and Founder

Allyson supports research, evaluation, training and technical assistance efforts for several community health initiatives in the United States. She leads a multidisciplinary team of associates and together they work to build evaluation capacity, understanding, and infrastructure that results in opportunities for community healing and transformation. Her research interests include building community capacity to address the cultural, social, and environmental factors that contribute to differences in health outcomes among underserved populations in the United States. Allyson is committed to building the next generation of public health professionals. She has mentored more than 300 undergraduate and graduate students. Allyson’s goal is to ensure voices and expertise of underrepresented organizations and minority groups are published and known. She is the author of three books published by Routledge, Evaluation in Rural Communities and Public Health Evaluation and the Social Determinants of Health, and Treatment Program Evaluation (see book links below). Allyson has one book scheduled for publication with Routledge in 2023, Spiritual Healing for Trauma and Substance Abuse Recovery: Clinical and Real-life Applications.

Allyson earned her Master’s degree in Public Health Practice from the University of Alaska Anchorage and her Doctorate in Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Allyson lives in the mountains of Central Oregon. Her best day at work involves teaching, writing, and free time to create, dream, and plan.

Published Books

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